Keep in touch by sending photos and notes in the mail from your phone.

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SImple connections for family and friends

Make staying in touch extra special with photos and handwritten notes.


Easy reminders

Simple photo and note sending

We'll send you scheduled text message reminders. Just reply with a photo and message that you'd like to send - it's that easy!

Thoughtful printing

Handwritten and thoughtfully mailed

We print your photos individually to make sure they look good, and write the notes by hand to give it a personal and special feeling.

Great relationships

Delighted recipients

Getting handwritten photos of loved ones with thoughtful notes is sure to brighten anyone's day and make for a great talking point among their community.

Our family wanted a way to keep Grandpa more connected and he doesn't like technology. We send him a package every month and he calls us every time to tell us how excited he is to show it off to his friends.

Michelle V

San Francisco, CA

As someone who lives in a different continent from her grandparents, the time difference and busy schedules make it difficult to connect.  BridgeNotes not only does all the hard work for me in mailing, but they send me reminderso I don’t ever go too long without contacting them.  It’s awesome, try it now!

Elizabeth M

Boston, MA

These text reminders are a great way to make sure I send updates to my parents while I'm in college! They love getting the photos in the mail and when I get home they are pasted all over the fridge.

Rachel D

Portland, OR

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